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What is Mediation?

“Mediation is a confidential, facilitative and voluntary process in which parties to a dispute, with the assistance of  a Mediator, attempt to reach a mutually acceptable agreement to resolve the dispute”

– Definition of Mediation according to the Mediation Act 2017

About Mediation

The Court Service Annual Report 2019

“Likewise, we engage via many groups with those seeking protection or solutions in the area of family law. One study has shown that, where we provide information on family mediation in courthouses, there can be a four fold increase in mediation and agreement.”

– Chief Justice Frank Clarke


Fees are normally split equally between both/all sides and payable in advance of Mediation sessions.

The Mediator rate is negotiable but normally €170.00 per hour.

The fee for drafting the Mediated Settlement Agreement document varies. Expenses such as room hire are not included in the hourly rate.

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