Workplace Dispute Mediation

Avoid Expensive Court Battles

Why Is Workplace Dispute Mediation Important?

At some point in any business organisation there will be conflicts at work generally between the business and it’s employees or between colleagues.

A workplace dispute sometimes arises due to communication breakdowns, discrimination, unfair dismissal, poor performance or issues surrounding promotion.

Due to the fact that workplace disputes sometimes occur when the parties involved are still in an active employment relationship, it can be very costly in terms of productivity, relationships, staff morale, working environment, culture and of course financially.

Even though Mediation understands workplace disputes can sound like the system breaking down, it can be more positive to believe that these cracks have the potential to let in the light to build a better business.

That is where Rachael at Mediation comes in. Rachael applies speed in critical cases and gets a solution which will get the company moving forward in no time. Rachael provides professional assistance to business management teams and helps to ensure the conflict doesn’t leave a negative mark on the system.

Furthermore, it is important to note that workplace mediation is not just for cases that can go to Court. It’s also about dealing with unresolved conflicts and rescuing relationships so avoiding lost productivity and low morale.

The involvement of Rachael as a Mediator greatly increases the chances of a mutually beneficial outcome for all parties concerned and focuses attention on open dialogue, rebuilding relationships and looking to the future.

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Mediation saves a lot of money because it is way less expensive when compared to litigation.
Mediation will always provide a process through which participants involved in the conflict can find common understanding and reduce or eliminate every dispute.
Peace of mind is necessary in every work relationship hence successful mediation allows people to focus on their work while not getting worried at work and having a feeling of constantly looking over their shoulder.
Mediation decreases the risk of losing your best employees who may leave their job due to the stress they face in the workplace.
Mediation helps increase staff morale and productivity

Why Work With Mediation


Rachael will protect the voluntary participation of each party in this case, the employee and company. The right of the parties to reach a voluntary agreement is central to the mediation process.


Rachael is a former Solicitor who now practices her skills full time in mediation. She is a professional who is thorough, careful and brings a compassionate approach to her work. Rachael  really cares about what people think and feel when confronting the hard issues. She brings a high level skill base with intellectual depth and experience.

Organisation and Administration

Rachael makes sure to administer and organise all aspects of the mediation. She will manage every dispute with pure confidentiality which brings the parties in conflict together in a safe environment to facilitate open and honest dialogue as a first step in helping the parties find mutually agreed solutions.

Aftercare and Ongoing Relationship

Even after ensuring that the parties achieve an acceptable mediation outcome Rachael can provide post mediation services to stable good ground for ongoing working relationships.


Fees are normally split equally between both/all sides and payable in advance of Mediation sessions.

The Mediator rate is normally €180.00 per hour.

The fee for drafting the Mediation Settlement document at the end of the process varies. Expenses such as room hire are not included in the hourly rate.

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