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Avoid Expensive Court Battles

What is Family Dispute Mediation?

At Mediation, we understand that family disputes and conflicts can be emotionally challenging and overwhelming. Our professional family mediation service in Ireland is designed to help families find peaceful resolutions and foster healthy communication. With our experienced Mediator Rachael, her compassionate approach and commitment to client satisfaction, she strives to assist families in navigating difficult situations and reach mutually agreeable solutions.

Mediation Services

Divorce and Separation Mediation: Going through a divorce or separation can be a distressing experience for all parties involved especially when children are affected. Our skilled Mediator Rachael practiced as a Solicitor in family law and now specialises in family mediation – facilitating productive conversations, ensuring a safe and neutral environment where couples can discuss their concerns, negotiate settlements and develop parenting plans. Rachael aims to help families transition into new chapters of their lives with minimal conflict and mutual understanding.

Child Custody and Access Mediation: Determining child custody and access arrangements requires careful consideration of the children’s best interests. Rachael will work closely with parents to establish parenting schedules, address concerns and develop co-parenting strategies that prioritise the well-being of the children. Through open dialogue and facilitated negotiations, she aims to create a supportive environment for parents to resolve disputes amicably.

Family Property and Asset Mediation: Disputes related to family property, assets and financial matters can quickly become contentious. Rachael is well-versed in helping families navigate complex property division issues, financial settlements and other related concerns. By providing a structured and impartial platform for discussions, she strives to help families find equitable solutions and maintain positive relationships.

Elder Care and Inheritance Mediation: As families face the challenges of aging parents or the distribution of assets and inheritance conflicts may arise. Rachael will assist constructive conversations, ensuring all family members’ voices are heard and finding resolutions that honour the wishes of the elderly and address concerns effectively. Mediation aims to minimise the emotional strain and foster understanding among family members during these sensitive times.

Family Mediation

Why contacting a Mediator at an earlier stage is important

Disputes within families can be damaging. If left unresolved sometimes disputes or disagreements which could have been resolved in mediation can develop into lifelong conflict.

Consulting with a Mediator can and does change the course of a conflict.

The participation of a neutral third party can bring a fresh perspective, new dynamic and a person to whom each party can speak freely about their position.

Why Choose

Experienced Mediator Rachael a previous family law Solicitor brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to each case. She understand the complexities of family dynamics and the Irish Court system. Rachael drafts legally binding Mediation Settlement agreements thereby helping reduce legal fees following on from reaching agreements.

Compassionate Approach: Rachael will approach each client with empathy, understanding and sensitivity. She wishes to create a supportive environment where all parties feel heard and respected throughout the mediation process.

Customised Solutions: At Mediation it is recognised that each family situation is unique. Rachael tailors her approach to meet the specific needs and circumstances of each family, ensuring that the solutions reached are fair, practical and will avoid the need for Court proceedings.

Confidentiality: Confidentiality is of utmost importance. All discussions and information shared during mediation sessions are treated with strict confidentiality fostering an environment of trust and open communication.

Cost-Effective and Time-Efficient: Family mediation is often a more cost-effective and time-efficient alternative to traditional litigation. Our services are designed to help families save time, money and emotional energy by facilitating constructive dialogue and avoiding lengthy court battles.

At Mediation, we are dedicated to helping families in Ireland navigate challenging circumstances and find peaceful resolutions. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards building a brighter future for your family through mediation.


Ensuring the well being of any child or children of the parties
The views of the children can be expressed through the parties
Division and allocation of property
Decision on child custody and maintenance

Benefits of Family Mediation

Parties can talk about their issues frankly with a neutral third party
A safe vicinity to discuss all sensitive issues
All the information will be confidential
Cost-effective and faster
Facilitating mutually agreeable end points

Our Family Mediation Process 

Maintaining high standards of care

Our Mediator Rachael McDaid practiced as a Solicitor and now works full-time in mediation. Rachael assists the parties formulate an agreement that works for both parties with the best family mediation process. The agreement at the end of the mediation known as a Mediation Settlement can either be legally binding or not legally binding depending on which the parties would prefer but Rachael specialises in legally binding Mediation Settlements.


Rachael is compassionate towards the parties. Family disputes are by their nature emotional and it can take a lot of mental strength for the parties to deal with this type of conflict. Family Mediation can help with the heavy load of family related disputes. Rachael has personal experience having been through a divorce herself.

Being Non-judgemental

By assisting the parties in a non-judgmental way Rachael can make the parties comfortable to express themselves effectively. This helps in reaching the final agreement quickly and as painlessly as possible.


Fees are normally split equally between both/all sides and payable in advance of Mediation sessions.

The Mediator rate is normally €180.00 per hour.

The fee for drafting the Mediation Settlement document at the end of the process varies. Expenses such as room hire are not included in the hourly rate.

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