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Avoid Expensive Court Battles

What is Commercial Mediation Services?

Mediation provides a wide range of commercial and financial Mediation services for businesses – sole traders, partnerships and companies.

Mediation provides the parties with an inexpensive and confidential approach in which an impartial third party assists the parties to reach an agreement that everyone can live with.

Whether your dispute is with a partner, colleague, employee, supplier, contractor or other business entity Mediation is a voluntary process that focuses on a practical agreement that benefits both parties.

The skill and experience available through Mediation comes from the personal business experience of the lead Mediator Rachael.

Rachael will work with both parties to formulate a Mediated Settlement Agreement.

The cost of using Mediation as a vehicle to avoid Court proceedings comes in at about 1/10th as against the traditional Solicitor & Barrister format. Mediation makes financial sense.

How will a Commercial Mediator help you?

Mediation is an informal dispute solving process that does not have any strict rules thus parties can express themselves frankly in front of the Mediator, can put forth their true perspectives and will not be judged.

A commercial Mediator can help you to resolve your legal disputes related to any manner of dispute relating to business transactions of environment.

Commercial Mediation

Sectors in which Commercial Mediation Services can be used

There is no area in which Mediation cannot be used. It has a wide application in all sectors making it the most reliable and effective method to resolve disputes. Below are areas where Mediation services can intervene to turn a dispute into an agreement.

Property claim disputes
Insurance disputes
Banking and financial service conflict
Medical negligence and other health related issues
Education sector conflicts
Construction industry disputes
Media and Entertainment contract disagreements
Technology sector contracts
Transportation, Civil and Aviation

Benefits from Commercial Mediation

Mediation has several advantages over Court proceedings due mostly to it’s informal nature, speed of process and inexpensive cost base (compared to traditional litigation proceedings).

Other advantages are:

Impartial forum to air issues
Privacy for sensitive information
Preventing emotional drain as there are no multiple trials and hearings
Effective decision making at minimum cost
A legal process but in speedy manner in a natural environment
Greater control over decisions
Protection from Court mandated decisions


Fees are normally split equally between both/all sides and payable in advance of Mediation sessions.

The Mediator rate is negotiable but normally €170.00 per hour.

The fee for drafting the Mediated Settlement Agreement document varies. Expenses such as room hire are not included in the hourly rate.

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