Property Dispute Mediation

Avoid Expensive Court Battles

Property Mediation

What is Property Dispute Mediation?

Mediation is often used in property disputes. It is a straightforward way for the parties to manage their conflict and reach a mutually beneficial conclusion.

In the case of property disputes, Mediation is often used in cases involving neighbours disagreeing over land ownership, party walls, road rights, and boundaries. Mediation is also often used in family disputes involving property assets arising in inheritance estate claims, trusts, and joint ownership arguments.

At Mediation we provide property Mediation services in Dublin, Meath, Kildare, Louth and Wicklow.

Property Mediation

Landlord & Tenant

Homeowners and tenants often have disagreements that end in court. Going to court is not the only way to resolve problems and it is expensive and time consuming. A Mediation service is available to private landlords and tenants to help reach an agreement outside Court and avoid Court altogether.

You can contact us at Mediation Dublin to offer Landlord and Tenant Mediation in Dublin.

Building and Construction

Mediation is rapidly gaining popularity as a way of resolving disputes in the construction industry due to it’s inherent non adversarial nature and cost effectiveness.

Contact us today for construction and building Mediation in Dublin and nationwide.

Building and Construction


Fees are normally split equally between both/all sides and payable in advance of Mediation sessions.

The Mediator rate is negotiable but normally €180.00 per hour.

The fee for drafting the Mediation Settlement document at the end of the process varies. Expenses such as room hire are not included in the hourly rate.

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