Probate Dispute Mediation

Avoid Expensive Court Battles

Probate Dispute Mediation

What is Probate Dispute Mediation?

Probate disputes can be amongst the most difficult and expensive cases to resolve through the Court process. When dealing with the division of an estate family dynamics will often combine with emotion, misunderstanding and legal complexities to create a wide variety of challenging situations. Court proceedings consume large amounts of money and can the propel the dispute over a longer period than would be necessary.

Mediation offers parties a fast track option to reach a solution without wasting valuable resources and prolonging disputes. It also gives an opportunity to salvage relationships and arrive at solutions sometimes not found in traditional legal forums. For more information on Probate mediation contact Mediation


Fees are normally split equally between both/all sides and payable in advance of Mediation sessions.

The Mediator rate is negotiable but normally €170.00 per hour.

The fee for drafting the Mediated Settlement Agreement document varies. Expenses such as room hire are not included in the hourly rate.

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